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King Moonracer

King Moonracer

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Merlot-infused coffee.

A special red wine soaked coffee. We start by gathering green coffee beans from various South American countries with a strong taste of cocoa and smooth body. They then bathe in a pool of red ... wine.

Merlot gives a boost of complimentary background flavors. This is a fun experimental coffee that offers a unique drinking experience. Worry not, this contains no alcohol so you can enjoy this beverage at any time of day.

And for those who tend to forget their undrunk mug for an extended period of time (too busy dungeon crawling, we get it) this coffee is fantastically mellow and easy to drink cold! In fact, the best flavors come out when slightly cooled.

Bean Bio

process: red wine-infused
elevation: 1400m-1600m
components: colombia; peru; nicaragua


roast level: +5 / 10
body: +7 / 10
brightness: +4 / 10
bonus attribute: +wine


Please remember: Roasting day is Monday; regardless of day order placed.

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