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Single Origin

Dominican Republic Red Honey

Dominican Republic Red Honey

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Dark Wine & Lovely. Deeply Cooked Fruit.

A "honey processed" coffee is when the bean, after being pulped from the surround cherry fruit, has dried in it's sticky mucilage during a period of time. Depending on the amount of mucilage left on the bean and the drying period, the bean will darken in color and the flavor imparted from the process becomes more or less apparent. "White" & "yellow honey" being mild and "black honey" being more intense, here is a Red honey process that sits nicely in between; offering a perfect first exposure to this coffee process.

Bean Bio

process: red honey fermentation
elevation: 1400m
farm: Ramirez Estate


roast level: +4 / 10
body: +6 / 10
brightness: +4 / 10


Please remember: Roasting day is Monday; regardless of day order placed.

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