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SideQuest Coffee Roasters



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Beware the Banshee: a harbinger of death in Irish folklore. This spirit appears as a foreboding messenger with their mournful keening, or shrieks. They're often seen with a female shape, pale skin, flowing hair and fiery eyes. Another name for these creatures: Hag of the Mist.

This coffee presents a subtle (ethereal?) body, with noticeable acidity. Loud but fleeting fruit notes, not lingering for very long on the tongue. Overall, a bright and awakening coffee.

+All Beasty Blends have an extra kick of caffeine.

Bean Bio

process: blend
elevation: varies
components: Colombia, India


roast level: +5 / 10
body: +3 / 10
brightness: +7 / 10
bonus attribute: +caffeine


Please remember: Roasting day is Monday; regardless of day order placed.

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