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SideQuestCoffee.com is under hibernation.

We are very excited to introduce to you our plans for the future! There are a lot of forces at work that we will do our best to keep you properly updated along the way! 

***During this time, online ordering will be unavailable. You can still view products, however, please be aware our coffee offerings may change when the site becomes ready to receive orders again.***

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Single-Origin Coffees

Coffee from one specific region in the country of origin.

Inside our roaster...

We use "fluid-bed" technology to roast our beans using electricity and hot air. This differs from other roasters that use "drums", gas heat and a closed chamber. This gives our coffee a cleaner taste and a smaller footprint.

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Halt! You there!

At SideQuest Coffee we want to provide more people with fresh coffee experiences. There's a wide, open world of different coffees. Our quest is to offer you the chance to explore it all.